Royal wolf denim jeans manufacturer coated biker jeans for kids

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US $7-80 / Piece | 500 Piece/Pieces price depend on the material,design,QCstandard and packing (Min. Order)
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70000 Piece/Pieces per Month sample will use DHL international delivery service
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OEM service
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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Royal wolf
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Breathable, Eco-Friendly, QUICK DRY
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custom as your design sketch or sample
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age group:
14-35years old
cotton100%,organic natural dye
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Age Group:
11-14 years, 7-10years
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commonplace packing is each unit packed in one PP inner bag then put into cardboard carton,inner packing/middle packing is polyester bag or custom as designated,outer carton is 4 layers cardboard or custom as designated
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35-50days later after pre-production sample comfirmed
Product Description
Kindly Reminding:please note royal wolf stand of a serials familial factories instead of single one , that mean we may manufacture your goods at our familial factories when our own manufacture lines are full occupied or when we find they can make it better, but royal wolf will take full in charge of it and keep everything in control.

Royal wolf denim jeans manufacturer coated biker jeans for kids

Royal wolf's explain who the biker jeans and motorcycle jeans made

           Motorcycle and biker jeans, is two most impotant riding protective jeans, after make it so many years ,we plan to reveal the secret to our customers. What is motorcycle and biker jeans, and how they are made, here we start our discussion

Motorcycle jeans and biker jeans , in factory they we to independent jeans, to topic, but both of them are protective jeans, motorcycle jeans trend to use special material like RoyalWolfkevl(sorry we must introduce the material like this otherwise we will be in trouble,very in convenient but you know what we mean) to protect the rider,and motor rider use it more.biker jeans is a bit different , it seldom use special material, it use special structure ,rib stitched to protect the rider. It is easy to understand, the biker speed is much slow then motor, so the denim rib stitched is strong enough for biker rider , but motor rider must need special material like RoyalWolfkevr to keep them safe. But this two kind designs often mixed in one protective jeans, one protective jeans may designed with rib stitched ,and also have special material, also the customer tend to mixed use. A biker jeans seller will order motor jeans from us to sell them to the biker lover. That is why we plan to introduce this two kind protective, they are high related to the craftsmanship and usage.

First we introduce the biker jeans,no rib stitched no biker jeans, so almost all the biker jeans with a classic rib stitch,some of them use special material like motor jeans .

A classic biker jeans as below

Rib stitched have three kinds in total, 1.random rib stitched, 2.uniform rib stitched, and 3.reversed fabric rib stitched 

The machine to make the random rib stitched is not same with the one to make uniform rib stitched. It is more random shape, some custom think it is ugly but some customer just like this style, the uniform rib stitched and reversed fabric rib stitch is made by the same machine , it is uniform but a bit rigid, and the reverse fabric rib stitched is special but easy stained for the weft yarns are un-dyed, just cotton state, so it is loved by stain.

How is the biker jeans and motor jeans made? The general manufacture part is the same as common jeans, if you like to know please visit how the jeans stitched together(sample process) and how the jeans stitched together(production process), here we just show you how the rib is made. When we make a jeans with rib stitched, we need to stitch the rib independently use the integral denim fabric , then cut it and stitch on the jeans. Of course there are confidential craft to handle the contract problem can not be revealed, but we can share the process to stitch the rib with you as below.

Clearer process as below

And the finished surface and bottom as below

The nest step is cut the rib stitched fabric as your willing ,and stitch the ribs to your jeans,it seem easy ,but relate to some special crafts to deal with the contrast problem, if not do it right you will find your biker jeans is crinkly and screwy, it is the key point you can make biker jeans perfect or not, but we are sorry we can not reveal it.

Are you still think only the blue denim jeans can make a classic biker jeans’s rib pattern? In fact,we also do a lot other type except from blue denim. Any fabric can be achieved in theoretical,below are some examples show you 

bright brown

light brown

camo rib

light blue

gray rib stitched

dark blue

Motorcycle jeans 

When it comes to motorcycle safety and fashion it’s basically ATGATT, Harley die-hard or the Squid. Behold! A revolution in moto fashion is here and it’s called royalwolfKevl,below we call it Aramid instead, the word is not safe , the mad company just teached us a lesson, we just got a big fine from the mad company just because we advertise that we can make the motor biker jeans by using the Aramid. It is very crazy,we paid money to by Aramid from him, but we can not tell our customer our motor biker jeans used the material, very odd and crazy but it is the we use Aramid instead or merge the word with our brand to be an un-exist word, but i think you have no trouble to understand it . Aramid jeans are big business. Selling for roughly $100 - $500, the massive success of Aramid -lined apparel means you get tons of options that marry safety and fashion. But before you drop hundreds of dollars on Aramid jeans, here’s what you need to know.

What is RoyalwolfKevl?
Invented in 1965 by XXX, Aramid is purely a brand name that has established market dominance in the category of “aramid fibres.” The material has become so popular ,it like a Kleenex of aramid fibres. Aramid ’s secret sauce is the mass production of a soft, wearable material that has five times the strength of steel on a weight to weight comparison.
The Aramid used for motorcycle jeans is RoyalwolfK129,and Royalwolf29,RoyalwolfK129 is for USA military,used for bullet-proof vest and other issues,seldom exist in the market ,Royalwolf29 is more easier to get.
It can be wove in shuttle machine or knitted way

This rough and tumble material has become the go-to fibre for products that require durability and strength like fishing lines, bullet proof armour and, of course, motorcycle gear. The stuff really shines in its ability to shield the wearer from heat, punctures and abrasion.
Except from the Aramid, many companies are looking into alternative fibres.
One such fibre is Spectra, a fibre already used by the U.S. military and 40 % stronger than the Aramid. Another up and coming material is Pekev,.The material reportedly has a longer lifespan and better abrasion protection than Kevl. According to European safety standard, Pekev is two times stronger than the Aramid in dry conditions and three times stronger in wet conditions.
Neither Spectra nor Pekev have the distribution power of the Aramid, but expect to see more of these protective fibres creep onto the market as demand for reinforced jeans grows.

How we can make the motorcycle jeans

Essentially, there are five categories of Kevl jeans to often made: Aramid weave pants, critical-area Aramid jeans, fully-lined Aramid jeans, Aramid jeans with armour, and Aramid underwear. That’s a handful, but lets take a look at them individually.

Aramid weave jeans are typically the most affordable option,but the exceptional example is weave the Aramid with the selvedge,then much more expensive . Because the denim is woven in with Aramid fibre, it makes for a thinner, better design, but as they typically only contain 10-20% Aramid, these pants usually don’t offer the same level of slide protection as pants that are lined in 100% Kevl.
Critical-area Aramid jeans are lined with 100 % Aramid in the buttocks, the crotch, the knees and the ankles. These jeans are the middle ground between the Aramid weave and the fully-lined Aramid jeans. They offer better protection at the “critical areas,” but obviously leave portions of the legs vulnerable to penetration and abrasion.
Fully-lined Aramid jeans offer the best protection for sliding, but without armour they’re still ineffective against impact. Pants that combine fully-lined Aramid with pocket armour inserts in the knees and hips are going to be the best and most expensive option. These pants are also the hardest for manufacturers to design with a casual look.
Aramid underwear! the undergarment is worn underneath any pant of your choosing.

the manufacture process for the Aramid motorcycle jeans is same as common jeans , just need to cut the Aramid patches, and the Aramid is a bit hard to cut. With the biker and motorcycle movement renascent,our order for them are getting more apparently, and the customer trend to mixed the biker jeans and motorcycle jeans in their design, but the unanswered question is how to combine the fashion with protective usage, many designers and brands are on the way ,and our factory will keep them them to solve the craftsmanship problem.